Online Store Mobile Apps 

Take mobile commerce to a new level with innovative experiences that inspire and convert shoppers. 

Native mobile apps



Based on native programming languages

Launch applications faster, and update them more frequently.

Send push notifications and drive in-app promo to directly connect with customers.

Based on Spree

Applicart use Spree as ecommerce engine and admin dashboard, and deployed in Google Cloud Platform. 

Spree is a fully featured ecommerce platform out of the box, comes with tens of officially supported and maintained extensions and hundreds of 3rd party integrations. 

Startup toolkit

Everything you need to start an online store. 


Transparent pricing, no hidden fees

Get started with

Apple Developer Program for one year($99)

Google Developer($25)

A .com domain for one year($12)


One-time fee

Keep running

Native iOS and Android app(Default theme)

Spree admin dashboard on Google Cloud

Unlimited updates

Unlimited system e-mail


Per month

Additional service

Fully custom layout and themes design

Branding support(Positioning, VI design)

Marketing support(Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, DM)

Ready to start your online store?